Fashion Advice


Virtual Image Planner

Advice in Real Time

Have you ever been out shopping by yourself and wish you had a friend there to give you some advice? We are here to offer virtual shopping in real time. For many people, the sales clerk has to stand in for that second opinion. Now with Virtual Fashion Friends, you can have us research an outfit for you, look at your selections, and give detailed fashion advice. Virtual Fashion Friend can also research every market to make sure the prices you are finding on items are the best deal. 

We can help you organize that to-do list with you making just one call.  With our help what would take you weeks to prepare for a beautiful moment can take you only a few hours. When you call, you can share what it is that you are trying to accomplish. We’ll help you create a list and within minutes text the information (including phone numbers and addresses of locations that you need).

We start with a discovery call. Block out a window of time to become acquainted with this service and then you are ready to take us shopping with you.